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Meet Baton Rouge Dentist Bobby Nguyen

RDW_pose_4_small_.jpgDr. Robert D. Westerman did his undergraduate work at LSU and attended Loyola University School of Dentistry, and has been a highly successful solo practitioner of General Dentistry since 1965. He has served extensively in his local and state dental associations, and is a frequent contributor to dental journals and textbooks. Dr. Westerman has lectured and taught at many dental association conventions, study groups and management seminars in a variety of healthcare settings. He holds five patents in the dental field and is the author of the highly acclaimed Classic Practice Series on dental management. He and his wife, Peggy, are the founders of Classic Practice Resources. Click here to view Dr. Westerman's Resume.

Dr. Westerman has five patents in the field of dentistry. They are:

  • Crown and Bridge Preparation Paralleling Instrument
  • Metalift ™ Crown and Bridge Removal System
  • Pillar Cusp System for Restoring Fractured Teeth
  • Sublingual Anti-Gag Tablet
  • Interdental Plaque Removal and Irrigating Device

Metalift™ Crown & Bridge Removal System


The Metalift™ is a revolutionary system that removes Inlays, Onlays, 3/4 Crowns, Full Crowns, Fixed Bridges, Removable Fixed Prostheses, and Implant Supported Fixed Prostheses. It was named “Highest Rated Crown Remover” in the Industry’s leading clinician’s consumer report and comes complete with a Technical Manual, an Instructional Video, a regular Metalift™, a magnum Metalift™ and 25 burs & diamonds. If you are interested in purchasing a Metalift™, please visit www.metalift.com, or call 1 (800) 928-9289.


Dr. Westerman also has several publications in the form of textbooks, manuals, essays and articles. Please view his resume to see a complete list of his publications.

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